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"Good Indoor Air Means Good Health", the Environmental Protection Bureau holds an Advisory Briefing on the Self-management of Indoor Air Quality

The Indoor Air Quality Act and the five sub-acts formulated by the Environmental Protection Administration are officially launched. In order to improve indoor air quality and maintain national health, a step-by-step method is adopted to announce the regulated subjects. The announcement on January 23, 2014 stipulates that “the first batch of announced places of the Air Quality Management Act” has come into effect on July 1, 2014. In order to strengthen indoor air quality control, expand the scope and subjects of regulated places, improve indoor air quality in more spaces, and protect people’s health, the Environmental Protection Administration regulates the application of the first and second batch of announced places under the Indoor Air Quality Act as the places to be Basis for regulated objects.
In order to let the first, second batch, and the third batch of pre-announced regulated objects have a better understanding of the relevant laws and regulations, the Hualien County Environmental Protection Bureau held a briefing session at Zhu-Qiang Elementary School in Hualien County on August 25, 2020, in order to call for early adaptations and familiarizing the regulations on regulated subjects, and strengthen the awareness of independent management of indoor air quality. The Environmental Protection Bureau will provide relevant consultation services and assistance.
Professor Jen-Ping Chen from NTU is invited to be the lecturer of this briefing session, focusing on the first and second batch of announced subjects in the county and the third batch of pre-announced subjects (medical institutions, central government agencies, consuming sites, transportation stations, nursing homes, kindergartens, classrooms of public middle and elementary schools, recreation centers, public-to-private infant care centers, gymnasiums, underground parking lots, tourist factories, etc.) and hold the "Indoor Air Quality Self-Management Advisory Briefing". This briefing is held to encourage all units to implement self-management of indoor air quality and effective management of indoor air conditioning and ventilation facilities in buildings.
The Environmental Protection Bureau pointed out that according to the survey, every Taiwanese person spends about 80 to 90% of the time in the indoor environment every day. Good indoor air quality directly affects work quality and efficiency. At the same time, adequate ventilation maintained in indoor places is a positive aid to the implementation of epidemic prevention work.
According to the Environmental Protection Bureau, since 2019, they conducted quarterly inspections of more than 30 listed and unlisted sites in the county with direct reading CO2 monitors. In 2020, it will also target the first and second batches of regulated sites, focusing on public primary and secondary school classrooms, public kindergartens, recreation centers, public-to-private infant care centers, private gyms and other places for inspection and guiding operations. Representatives of 16 categories of regulated sites in the county are invited to attend the briefing. Through this briefing, the key points of laws and regulations such as the main focus of the competent authority, the content of the specific improvement plan, and the training of special personnel for indoor air quality maintenance as well as management will be explained in detail, in order to let all units respond early to current circumstances.

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