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Cleaning Teams of Hualien County Visit “Tzu Chi Koko Ecolife Trucks”

Cleaning Teams of Hualien County Visit “Tzu Chi Koko Ecolife Trucks”
This year is the 30th anniversary of Tzu Chi Ecolife. As the epidemic in Taiwan eased down, tourists start to appear in Hualien County for revenge tourism, which brought a lot of popularity but also generated a lot of garbage and waste. The Hualien County Environmental Protection Bureau took this opportunity to lead leaders and related staffs of 13 township and municipal cleaning teams to cooperate with the Tzu Chi Foundation and visit their mobile environmental education vehicles, “Tzu Chi Koko Ecolife Trucks”, observe and discuss on the "Waste and plastic  reduction, environmental protection",  in order to combine each other's methods and hopefully improve the promotion of education on environmental protection in Hualien County.
The main focus of this visit is the first two “Tzu Chi Koko Ecolife Trucks” transformed from containers in Taiwan. They are respectively “Low Carbon Life House” and “Earth Symbiosis House”: the former’s theme is the "carbon footprint" of greenhouse gases produced from raw material mining, processing to transportation; the latter’s focuses on circular economy, from reproduction of clean recyclables to valuable products. Through the static and dynamic activities in the two halls above, we can learn more about how to live a low-carbon life and reduce carbon emissions in order to achieve environmental protection and care for the earth.
Recently, people’s plastic material usage has been increasing every year with the improvement of living standards, and most of the products used by them are mainly plastic products. The Environmental Protection Bureau of Hualien County expressed their goal to learn how to reduce waste in our lives, and how to reuse plastic products after recycling through this event. We hope that the team leader and related staffs will promote and educate the relevant knowledge and concepts to the public, so that our next generation can continue to have a fresh and clean world.

last update date:2020-09-14

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