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The Major Rao Chung
Rao, Chung

Major's words

“Hualien, our home” is the core value of our county government policy. With the leadership of our major, we dedicate to achieve the vision of making Hualien as an International tourist spotlight and also a liveable place with sustainable development. As the frontline to guard Hualien, we work with the belief of “loving hometown, land, and Hualien.” The main scheme of our works is based on “Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction, Keeping the Earth Cool,” “Recycle and zero waste,” “Antipollution and preserve ecology,” and “cleanup homeland and live a LOHAS.” We are approaching the goal of “carbon reduction, LOHAS, and good homeland; a healthy environment in Hualien.” We protect Hualien with actions and build a “low carbon city and a city of happiness” for everyone.

Protecting environmental resources and pursuing sustainable development are the world trend. By doing so, we maintain the blue sky and clean land for our future generations. Current environment protection has leveled up from simply public nuisance control to sustainable recycling mechanism. Under the consensus of keeping economic development and environmental protection at the same time, we strengthen the prevention of any environmental damage and facilitate the improvement of public nuisance. Meanwhile, we listen to the public’s comments and suggestions and endeavor to reduce pollution. We cooperate with public and central governments’ power and recourses, participate in environmental protection and fulfill the rooted environmental education to promote the whole Hualien county as an ecological culture site. We take actual actions to create a health, safety, and serene living environment, and further pursue the sustainable development of Hualien.


last update date:2019-01-14

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