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General Planning Section
Functions and Responsibilities
  1. Promote environmental education.
  2. Recruitment and training of community development and environmental volunteer.
  3. Hualien County environmental education promotion project.
  4. Curriculum development of environmental education sustainable center.
  5. Review and supervision of environmental impact assessment.
  6. Public Nuisance Dispute Mediation.
  7. Green Consumption and Office.
  8. Hualien County environment protection plan.
  9. Hualien-Taitung area sustainable development plan.
  10. Operation and management of Environmental technology park .
Tel number 03-8224195,03-8353570(Environment Sustainable Education Center),03-8353571
Extension 211~215、218、219、320~323
Fax number 03-8224320
Air and Noise Control Division
Functions and Responsibilities
  1. Hualien county air pollution and quality analysis project.
  2. Hualien county Stationary source inspection and control.
  3. Hualien county scooter exhaust and idle speed inspection control project (8239935).
  4. Hualien county diesel vehicle emission inspection station affairs.
  5. Hualien county construction inspection control.
  6. Hualien county air quality purification and quality control, CEMS inspection and maintenance.
  7. Hualien county street dust cleanup project.
  8. Hualien county air pollution appeals and fast investigation.
  9. Hualien electric motorcycle promotion and installation project(8237625).
  10. Hualien county river dust alert, promotion and improvement project.
  11. Hualien county greenhouse gas control and strengthening low-carbon sustainable homeland organism project.
  12. General noise and aircraft noise control.
  13. Taking public nuisance appeal cases.
  14. Cooperate with office to inspect and ban environmental cases.
  15. Environmental cases transferred from the county government.
  16. Environmental cases from Environmental Protection Administration, county government, council and media.
  17. Fugitive emission control project.
  18. Hualien county the model of particulate trap installation on garbage truck.
  19. Hualien county old diesel large car elimination and review of particulate trap installation subsidy .
  20. Hualien county low-carbon life and industrial production construction project.
Tel number 03-8224370、8239935、8237625
Extension 221~225、302、303、304、305、310,307,306
Fax number 03-8224451
Waste Control Division
Functions and Responsibilities
  1. In charge of the industrial waste control.
  2. Management of Landfill.
  3. Waste treatment/ disposal plant management .
  4. Recycle management.
Tel number 03-8224502
Extension 231~238、262、331~333
Fax number 03-8228526
Water Pollution Control Division
Functions and Responsibilities
  1. Water pollution control.
  2. Marine pollution control.
  3. Management of drinking water.
  4. Soil and underground water pollution control.
  5. Environmental inspection office management.
  6. Toxic chemical substance management.
  7. Management of water environment patrol group.
Tel number 03-8234363
Extension 240~247、250、251
Fax number 03-8224509
Environmental Inspection Division
Functions and Responsibilities
  1. Build friendly city-county environment and comfortable homeland project.
  2. Sustainable quality environment and sanitation project.
  3. Clean home for all project.
  4. Vector and pest control.
  5. Environmental agents control.
  6. Vector control.
  7. Environmental sanitation appeals from the public.
  8. Environmental sanitation case handed by Environmental Protection Administration, county government, and council.
  9. Environmental sanitation cases reported by the media.
Tel number 03-8235630、03-8235631
Extension 351~357
Fax number 03-8235638
Administration Division
Functions and Responsibilities
  1. Official seals, documents, files, general affairs, cashier, research and evaluateon.
  2. Other general affairs.
Tel number 03-8233232
Extension 281~286、291、292、296、301、308、309
Accounting Office
Functions and Responsibilities
  1. Budgeting, accounting and statistics by law.
  2. Responsibilities: Review, allocation, registration of the budget. Budget and final accounts and governmental statistic affairs.
Tel number 03-8224582
Extension 271、272、275、276、277
Fax number 03-8224572
Personnel Office
Functions and Responsibilities
  1. Organizational structure, Admission via examination and placement, and Recruitment.
  2. Assessment, rewards and punishments, insurance, service, attendance, training and professional development.
  3. Payment, welfare, insurance, retirement, pension, human resource and management of human resources, etc.
Tel number 03-8224389
Extension 273~274
Government Ethics Office
Functions and Responsibilities
  1. The promotion of the regulation and decree of the bureau.
  2. Prevention, discover and mediation of official’s corruption and illegal affairs.
  3. Reformation and recommendation for government ethics of the bureau.
  4. Maintenance of governmental confidentiality.
  5. In accordance of Act on Property-Declaration by Public Servants, the office is in charge of property declaration and taking the public’s inquiry.
Tel number 03-8228738
Extension 299

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