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Information security policy


Information security policy

The Website prohibits unauthorized persons from taking any action that would compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or usability of the Website. Violators will be dealt with according to the law. The Website has put in place the following security measures to ensure secure and uninterrupted operation of the Website:
  1. The Website has installed a firewall to limit access to designated ports, thereby preventing illegal intrusion. This prevents illegal use of the Website, and also protects the interests of users.
  2. Anti-virus software will be installed for periodic virus scans to ensure a safer browsing environment for the users.
  3. A system backup system will be established to execute necessary data and software backup and stand-by operations in order to immediately resume regular operation in the event of disasters or storage media failure.
  4. The office’s firewall system software will frequently update its version and also the new program that released by the application company to be able to respond to a variety of network attacks, minimizing the chances of being attacked.

Revision of information security policy

Due to rapid technological advancement and other future unforeseeable environmental changes, the data security policy is subject to be changed by the Website as required to ensure proper Internet security protection. After the Website has completed any amendments to the data security policy, we will immediately publish the new policy on the Website, and clearly highlight the amended sections for your reference.

last update date:2019-06-27

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