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Privacy Policy

Dear visitor, thank you for visiting the Hualien Environmental Protection Bureau website. Regard of the protection of personal information collected when using the services offered by this website, please read the following information carefully.

The site uses the user’s personal data in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. Without permission and consent of the website user, we will not collect any personal information without one’s expressed consent.

In order to provide you the best possible interactive services, you may be asked to provide personal email address while using certain services on this website, such as when sending messages to the Director’s mail box. Other personal information and the content will only be used for data analysis and for making improvement. The analysis will not targeted at individual users.

All content, both text and photos, of this website, the copyright is reserved by Hualien Environmental Protection Bureau. Please email us when you make links or quotes from this website and note the source of the information. If you are using the link that leads to other websites from this website, please contact the owner of the copyright and note the source.

The privacy policy above is effective immediately. To protect users’ privacy, the website reserves the right to modify this policy due to future regulations change or other reasons. Any revisions to the policy will be posted on the Website. 

last update date:2019-06-27

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